In need of prayer?

Are you in need of prayer?

Well here is my life. When I was six my dad commited suicide... I was an A/B student all of Elementry school. As soon as I hit Middle School I fell hard. I fell into a pit of depression and sin for two years. I used to cut, listen to tons of profanity with music, suicidal attemps. But I was led to Riverside church and loved it! and long story short.... God has given me a second chance! Not many people get this chance, so I want to live through Christ, spread his Holy name and Word. And for you non beleivers out there I'm not scolleding you but... Why? Why do you not believe? After this change in my life that was all the proof I needed. There is and all knowing, loving, merciful God out there!!! He is Holy and his word is Sacred. I have been growing more and more in my faith since that day he changed me. He just took my heart as if it were clay and just reshaped it completely! So that's my life, and I have created this website so that if you have anything at all to get off your chest.  Also when I was in severe depression in the past and it felt like I had no one I could turn to.  So if you need prayer type it in the box below (Prayer Box) or email me (Link Below). (You don't need to put your name)  This is for those who feel like there is no one you can talk to.
+God Bless

"I called on Your name, O Lord,
From the lowest pit.
You have heard my voice:
Do not hide Your ear
From my sighing, from my cry for help.
You drew rear on the day I called on you,
And said, Do not fear!
O Lord, You have pleaded the case for my soul;
You have redeemed my life.
O Lord, You have seen how I am wronged; Judge my case.
You have seen all thier vengeance,
All their schemes against me."
~Lamentations 3:55-60~ (Pretty Much sums it up on how the Lord changed me)



Be honest... tell what's on your heart.

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